teresa fabila
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At the heart of what matters

Art Direction, Design

From initial brainstorm to execution, I worked with a brilliant team to create an engaging campaign that focused on what’s truly meaningful to patients and those who treat and care for them.

This campaign focused on charities with a tie to closerlook faculty that are making a positive impact on the world.

Compassion is free. It doesn’t cost anything to have compassion for the people around you.
— George Davis, The Perfect Cadence

T’was the Night Before Christmas

Art Direction, Design

In 2015, closerlook wanted to challenge previous builds of the holiday campaign. I created character sheets of closerlook employees to pitch the idea of animating the video. The art leaned on my personal style of illustration that is a mixture between festive and dark.


Healthcare Campaign

Art Direction, Design

Design practice, systems thinking and practical healthcare research has fueled my work in the healthcare industry. Unfortunately most of this body of work cannot be posted online. Please reach out for individual case studies.